“Unacceptable” political interference in Central Election Commission

CEC called on parties to act only in legal framework.
Agenda.ge, 05 Jun 2014 - 23:27, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s Central Election Commission (CEC) is criticizing the actions of a handful of people who verbally abused a CEC staff member, saying interference in the electoral administration’s activities is "unacceptable”.

In a press statement CEC said interference in the organisation’s activities from political stakeholders or electoral subjects would not be tolerated.

The statement was released following a situation in Marneuli district where United National Movement leaders verbally insulted the head of the Regional Election Commission.

"Actions made by the representatives of the electoral bloc United National Movement in Marneuli district goes beyond the rights granted to the electoral subjects by the law and are perceived as an influence on decision-making,” CEC wrote in its statement.

"We call on all election stakeholders and political parties not to take any kind of action which includes signs of pressure on the election administration and act only in legal framework in accordance with law.”

Earlier today, former Mayor and UNM leader Gigi Ugulava and other party leaders Nugzar Tsiklauri and Irma Nadirashvili visited the Marneuli district election commission office, harassed the CEC regional chairman and demanded an explanation whether he would remove Akmamed Imamkuliev as an election candidate.

Ugulava accused the CEC representative of having an approach "favourable to the Government”. The UNM members also challenged the Interdepartmental Commission about alleged pressure on their Governor candidate for Marneuli district.

The opposition party argued the CEC did not discuss a complaint against Georgian Dream candidates in Poti and Rustavi, who did not fulfil obligatory conditions about living in Georgia while a similar case against their Marneuli candidate had a "clear political motive” and was "selectively interpreted”.