Georgian Public Broadcaster has new board Chairman

Tbilisi TV Tower at Mtatsminda mount. Photo by Archil Kikvadze., 21 May 2014 - 17:50, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Board of Trustees of the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) has elected a new chairman.

Seven new members of the Board, who were elected by Parliament, held their first sitting today and elected Grigol Gogelia as chairman with five votes against two. 

Current legislation stated Gogelia will hold this post for three years.

Gogelia worked at the GPB Advisory Council from September to December in 2013.

At various times he was a leading specialist at the Communications Regulation Commission in the strategic development department and a legal department specialist.

Georgian Dream, the Parliamentary majority, presented Gogelia as a candidate of the Board of Trustees.

As the Law on Broadcasting stated, the GPB Board must be staffed by nine members.

However ongoing controvery surrounding the GPB Board meant the current Board members continued serving despite Parliament appointing a new Board.

On May 2, Georgian Parliament adopted amendments to the Law on Broadcasting, in which Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) become two-chambered. This meant the current Board would remain within the broadcaster as a monitoring council and the new Board, which was approved by the Parliament, would have control over all other functions.

The monitoring council was eligible to provide the new Board with recommendations on different issues. The new Board members would have a 20 percent higher salary than the monitoring council.

The amendments were drawn up in a way that enabled the continuation of the GPB Board reformation, while an order of the Constitutional Court to keep the current Board was executed.

Current Board members were expected to be dismissed as the new Board was instated but the Constitutional Court upheld its lawsuit against Parliament.