‘Mobile guide’ initiative to boost summer tourism in Tbilisi

Students who are fluent in English and Russian are eligible to apply for the summer position of 'mobile guides.'
Agenda.ge, 16 May 2014 - 12:30, Tbilisi,Georgia

Foreigners and local visitors to Georgia will find it easier to navigate around Tbilisi this summer thanks to an initiative to have local guides in main areas of the capital city.

The National Tourism Administration (NTA) announced a project for Georgian students to be ‘mobile guides’ this summer.

"Those who wish to implement in practice the theoretical knowledge acquired in the field of tourism, are getting a unique chance to get work experience on this summer season,” read the statement released by the NTA.

Students across all areas of Georgia who are fluent in English and Russian are eligible to apply for the summer position.

The NTA said mobile guides would help foreign tourists gain a better understanding of the capital and provide people with any information they may need.

"The candidates will be selected through a competition and will be given printed advertising material. In addition, the Administration will provide special branded clothing for the students,” the NTA said.

The selected students will provide guide service at Liberty Square, Rustaveli Ave, Shardeni St and Abanotubani and Narikala territory.

As a reward for their service, once the summer program is complete, the guides will receive certificates and traineeship notices, the NTA said.