Turkey supports Georgia’s territorial integrity despite Abkhazia visit

Maia Panjikidze said the visit of 80 Turkish journalists to Abkhazia violated "law on occupation."
Agenda.ge, 13 May 2014 - 14:31, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian authorities have spoken out against a visit by Turkish journalists to the Georgian breakaway region, Abkhazia, saying it did not reflect the official position of the Turkish government.

Georgian Foreign Minister Maia Panjikidze said Turkey supported Georgia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty and the visit did not undermine this viewpoint.

Panjikidze said the Ministry had done everything it could to prevent the event from going ahead because it violated the country’s "law on occupation.”

"Despite our efforts the visit still took place and we will take appropriate measures. We will meet with the Turkish Ambassador today and convey our attitude to this incident,” Panjikidze said.

"Despite the fact that the delegation visited Abkhazia, it does not mean that it is being recognized and that this is the official position of Turkey.

"Turkey supports Georgia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, which was once again confirmed by the Turkish President during his recent visit to Georgia. So nothing has changed in terms of the official position,” she added.

On May 9, 80 Turkish journalists travelled to Georgia’s breakaway region Abkhazia.

The occupied territory hosted a Congress of Turkish and Abkhazian journalists and the 44th General Meeting of the Turkish Journalists Federation.

While in Abkhazia the journalists met with representatives of the so-called Government of Abkhazia and attended a press conference led by the de-facto Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Chirikba.