Georgian World War II hero returns home

Mamia Tabatadze was considered missing until today., 08 May 2014 - 00:44, Tbilisi,Georgia

The remains of a Georgian man who died abroad while serving his country in World War II has returned home.

The final resting place of Mamia Tabatadze were unknown until his remains were discovered during excavations in the Russian city of Smolensk

A mirror belonging to the soldier, some of his personal documents and a medallion were also found at the site.

The Investigative Committee of Smolensk said on November 16, 1941, about 200 soldiers of the 17th Division were killed in Moscow oblast. About 40 of them are believed to be on a mission from Georgia.

It is possible Tabatadze was one of these soldiers.

Earlier this week Tabatadze’s body was given to representatives of the Union of Georgians in Russia. The organisation helped cover the costs necessary to bring the body home to Georgia.

Relatives of the WWII soldier gathered at the airport and took Tabatadze's body to his native village Korbouli.