Georgia-Turkey economic relationship deepens

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili (right) and Turkish President Abdullah Gul; Photo by PM's press office, 06 May 2014 - 19:45, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s Prime Minister is calling on Turkish businessmen to invest in Georgia and has assured them Georgia has a truly fair, transparent and secure investing environment.

Garibashvili spoke about trade relations between the two countries while delivering a speech at the Georgia-Turkey economic forum in Tbilisi today.

The forum was attended by Turkish President Abdullah Gul as well as numbers of Turkish and Georgian business communities.

Garibahsvili stressed there were a large amount of Turkish investments in Georgia and expressed his hope this trend would continue.

"Turkey is not only a political ally but also the first trading partner of Georgia,” the PM said.

He added it was "very good” to have such a strong partner and neighbour.

In his speech Garibahsvili spoke about the regional importance of the Georgian-Turkish joint projects.

While talking about the Georgia-Turkey trade turnover, the PM said the Turkish exports to Georgia were much higher than the Georgian exports to Turkey.

"We understand that Turkey is a very big country. But we also believe that our country has the potential to develop its economy and boost exports to Turkey,” he said.

"Georgia can produce and offer high quality products to our neighboring country, while the trade turnover growth will equally benefit both of [us].”

In response the Turkish President underlined the friendly relationship of the two countries and welcomed the Georgian PM’s position toward direct investments.

"Friendship is the basis for everything but for investors it is also important to feel secure to start a business. I highly appreciate the steps your Government has made in this direction. You do your best for Georgia to get through each phase of its development very fast,” Gul said.

The Georgia-Turkey business forum followed the trilateral summit of the Georgian, Turkish and Azerbaijani Presidents in Tbilisi earlier today.