PM Irakli Garibashvili visits mountainous region Svaneti

Garibashvili: The priority of our government is a citizen and its rights, 28 Dec 2013 - 16:03, Tbilisi,Georgia

The residents of Mestia, the mountainous region of Georgia (Svaneti) apprised Georgian Prime Minister about their local problems during the PMs visit in Svaneti.

According to the Prime Ministers press office, the major problems are in the fields of education and healthcare as the Mestia residents claimed. Garibashvili promised them that all problems should be solved, if the solutions are properly planned.

"The priority of our government is a citizen and its rights. We will do our best to protect your interests, said Irakli Garibashvili.

Garibashvili also visited the construction of a hotel and listened to the owners plans for future how the tourism will be developed. The hotel will be launched in the spring of 2014 and for summer, it will be able to serve 100 visitors. According to the hotel owner, 50 local residents will be employed at the unit.

The Prime Minister went to the Ethnographic Museum of Mestia also. He examined exposition funds and the media library of the museum.

According to Garibashvili, historically Svaneti had a very significant destination to protect national treasures.

"A bulk of Georgian treasure is kept here. More than 600 crosses and icons, unique murals were protected with great honor and taken care of by Svans. mentioned Garibashvili.