Obama signs defense bill including collaboration with Georgia

The US President Barack Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act on December 26.
Agenda.ge, 27 Dec 2013 - 12:06, Tbilisi,Georgia

"The US President Barack Obama signed the defense authorization act, which includes military support and collaboration with Georgia. said Georgian Deputy Minister Davit Zalkaliani during the committee session at the Parliament.

"There was a big discussion across this issue in both, the United States House of Representatives and Senate. The Congressman Michael Turner prepared the additional provisions. said Zalkaliani.  

According to the Deputy Foreign Minister, the latter wasn't including the profit elements for Georgia. Nevertheless, the text was changed and now it is very important for Georgia.

"I have signed this annual defense authorization legislation because it will provide pay and bonuses for our service members, enhance counterterrorism initiatives abroad, build the security capacity of key partners, and expand efforts to prevent sexual assault and strengthen protections for victims, said Obama in his statement.

The annual measure authorizes appropriations and lays out policies for the Defense Department and other national security programs. The defense bill provides $552 billion in baseline funding and an additional $80 billion for the Afghanistan war and other overseas military operations.