The citrus export renewed from Georgia

Georgia harvested 110, 000 tons of citrus in 2013., 21 Dec 2013 - 00:00, Tbilisi,Georgia

The citrus export from Georgia has renewed. It was temporarily interrupted due to the heavy snow in Georgia that halted the harvesting of citrus and the transportation processes.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture Shalva Pipia, the weather conditions improved and the ships managed to enter the black sea ports and the trucks are able to transport the citrus.

"There are 36 packing plants working in Adjara, which are packaging and sending the products to export. More than 1 thousand tons of citrus are exported daily on roads. Georgia has already exported more than 30 thousand tons of citrus, Pipia said after meeting the farmers in Adjara, the main citrus fruit producer in Georgia.

This year, Georgia harvested 110,000 tons of citrus. This is almost double last years total of 52,000 tons, according to the Ministry of Agriculture Georgia.

Aiming to assist the farmers, the government allocated 13.8 million GEL to subsidize the citrus crops. For purchasing products, the state pays an additional 10 tetri for per kilogram for normal citrus and 5 tetri more for high quality citrus.

This autumn, Georgian citrus re-enteredthe Russian market, after the seven years of embargo from Moscow. According to Pipia, the government plans to export 50,000 tons of the harvest to Russia.