Parliamentary majority: Merabishvili’s video recordings will be published in accordance with law

MPs from Georgian Dream believe the investigation on Merabishvili's statement has to be started immediately./ Photo: AFP, 17 Dec 2013 - 00:00, Tbilisi,Georgia

The head of the Parliamentary  majority from Georgian Dream  coalition  Gia Volsky calls Merabishvilis statement curious but still finds some logical explanations in  several  directions. According to him, making the video recordings public, as the opposition demanded without a prior investigation, would not be consistent with the established norms.

The former PM and Minister of Internal Affairs Vano Merabishvili  accused  the Chief Prosecutor Otar Partskhaladze of using pressure and threats during his trial on December 17. According to Merabishvili, early Saturday morning, he was taken to the Department of Penitentiary System secretly and asked to disclose information about the death of former PM Zurab Jvania and the financial account of the Ex-President MikheilSaakashvili. Merabishvili refused further participation in court hearings and also prohibited his lawyers from participating.

The former MPs statement was followed with debates and allegations between the ruling party and UNM. The opposition demands that the Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance to make the prison surveillance recordings public, in order to find out whether or not Merabishvili did left his cell.

"Everything will be done in accordance with the law, Volsky said adding that the United National Movement could not fulfill its plans about discrediting the parliamentary majority on the international scale and now is trying other methods.

"I think that this could be a part of their rebranding which was not carried out so successfully, Volsky said.

MP has also mentioned Saakashvilis recent statement about currently being in the US and working on curriculum of various universities education programs in NY as one of the possible reason for Merabishvili's statement.  

"Consequently, due to things happening last time (Saakashvilis Statement; arresting the former local government authority and Zhavanias former security servant) Merabishvili decided to make this scandalous statement. These are not my prejudices.This has to be studied by appropriate bodies since it is considerable that there is some kind of conspiracy what could be against the countrys national interests. Some political self-interest is likely to emerge in this case also, Volsky said.

Another MP from Georgian Dream, Tina Khidasheli also does not believe Merabishvilis statement, however she believes the investigation has to start immediately.

"I believe Merabishvili is lying. I am sure because as soon as he made the statement, I had a talk with the Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance. However, no matter I am sure it will be proved that his statement is a lie the investigation has to be started. It has to be found out who is guilty. After the investigation, those people who made this have to be charged or if Merabishvili is lying, he has to face a new charge since blaming in the crime is a serious offence, Khidasheli said adding the video recordings of the prison will be published only in compliance with the law.