Electricity supply problem remains in mountainous Adjara

The Interior Minister will be sent to Adjara today in order to see the situation there. Photo: ireporter.ge
Agenda.ge, 16 Dec 2013 - 00:00, Tbilisi,Georgia

"During its existence, Georgian energetics has never taken this strong of blow, Energy Minister Kakha Kaladze said at his meeting with the Prime Minister. The situation is stable now and the repair works have almost been finished, according to Kaladze.

The problem could not yet be solved in the mountainous regions of Khulo, Shuakhevi, and Keda of Adjara, Western Georgia. The snow cover is still high there, so the workers cannot reach some locations.

"Adjara has three alternative sources of electricity. All of them had been damaged, Kaladze told PM Garibashvili.

The transmission lines Paliatomi 1 and Paliastomi 2 are now fully restored.

"First of all, we repaired the line through which we receive electricity from Turkey. I would like to say a thank to the Turkish government and my Turkish counterpart, the Georgian Energy Minister said.

Kaladze said that all brigades and equipment are mobilized and ready to go to Adjaras problematic villages Khulo, Shuakhevi and Keda, as soon as possible. He supposes that it will take 10 days to solve the electricity problems in these villages. As for the rest of the country, 24-hour power supply has already been restored there.