Energy Minister suggests diversion regarding the transmission lines in Adjara

Repairing works are still in progress on some transmission lines and Georgia has to import electricity from Turkey., 14 Dec 2013 - 00:00, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Minister of Energy, Kakha Kaladze does not exclude the possibility of diversion since the high-voltage transmission lines were out of order simultaneously.

As the Minister said, the same kind of damage is observed at all the transmission lines. According to him, it needs to be determined if the power outage was caused by natural events or as a prosecutable offense.

"The locals say that they have not observed such heavy snow in the region since 1985 but I think it is necessary to start an investigation because the same kind of damage is observed everywhere. I want to remind you that a case was opened regarding the targeted destruction of the high voltage lines in Kobuleti few months ago. I do not exclude the Prosecutors Office will open the case on this case, too. I do not intend to make a direct link between these two facts until I am provided with the accurate information but anything is possible since all the high voltage transmission lines have the same kind of damage, - Kaladze said adding that the energy system of the country has never had such kind of problems.

"In fact, all the high voltage transmission lines responsible for the electricity supply of Batumi were damaged. The system has never observed such case when all the lines went off simultaneously. There always has been possibility of switching to the second line when the first was out of order. There was also possibility to use the third line. In this case, however, we had a situation where the transmission lines interrupted all at once, the Minister said.  

According to Kaladze, since repairing works are still in progress on the transmission lines Paliastomi 1 and Paliastomi 2, Georgia has to import electricity from Turkey.  

All the three major transmission lines were damaged in Batumi due to heavy snow on December 9. In general, heavy snowfall in the western part of Georgia cut off electricity supply to 161,000 customers. However, the electricity distribution company managed to repair other transmission lines sooner than in Batumi despite the team of workers failed to reach some locations. It took longer to restore transmission lines in Batumi for unclear reasons and consequently the city and its surroundings have been without electricity for 6 days.