Parliament of Georgia adopts statement on Ukraine

Demonstrations at EuroMaidan in Kiev call for President Viktor Yanukovych's resignation., 11 Dec 2013 - 07:06, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian parliament adopted a special statement on developments in Ukraine expressing "solidarity and deep concern to the Ukrainian people over use of force against peaceful demonstrators and supports the Ukrainian people to become a full- fledged member of the European family.

"Georgian parliament expresses its absolute solidarity to the Ukrainian people struggling for freedom and is deeply concerned because of the recent developments and use of force against peaceful citizens, reads the statement adopted on December 11.

"The Parliament of Georgia supports the will of the Ukrainian people to become a full-pledge member of the European family and believes that despite the existing problems Georgia and Ukraine will take their dignified place in the international democratic community.

"The Parliament of Georgia supports efforts of the international community and democratic world to support Eastern Partnership countries and defend their sovereignty and states that in the process of Euro-integration these countries should have a freedom of making independent choice and Russia or any other state has no right to interfere this process.

"Also, the Parliament of Georgia supports the EUs efforts to resume talks between the parties on signing the Association agreement and deep and comprehensive free trade agreement (DCFTA) and the timely resolution of the problems related to these issues in the proper order.

"We believe that Ukrainian political leaders will find a dignified, peaceful, and helpful way for the people of the given situation, is said in the statement adopted by the Parliament.

See the full statement below.