Georgian Foreign Ministry condemns Russia’s illegal actions

According to the Georgia Foreign Ministry, Russian occupants violate the rights of Georgian poeple, 11 Dec 2013 - 00:00, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses deep concern regarding the renewed process of wire fence and so called border-line banner installations by Russian occupant forces across the occupation line.  

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement, recently banner installments took place in the following villages of Kareli region: Knolevi, Avlevi, Tseronisi, Tamarasheni, Ghogheti, Dirbi, Dvan. Also in villages of Gori region: Ergneti, Ditsi, Qere, Flavi, Flavismani, Mejvriskhevi, Tsitsagiantkari, Zemo niqozi.

 "Illegal actions of Russian occupant forces strongly violate the fundamental rights of the population living along the occupation line and lead to negative vital humanitarian consequences. Due to these alarming developments, local people are deprived of their agricultural lands, are not able to enter their cemetery and get first aid.  

The Foreign Ministry condemns the provocative policy of the Russian Federation against Georgia, a complete disregard of international obligations and ceasefire agreement, which is particularly outrageous after Moscows refusal to take the responsibility for the non-force agreement.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs highly appreciates the international communitys firm position regarding the illegal actions of the Russian Federation and calls upon international organizations and partner-states to take effective measures for preventing the alarming process on the sovereign territory of Georgia, says the announcement.

Russian troops renewed the installation process on December 4.