Head of Self-Governance Committee supports debates on self-governance bill

Irakli Tripolski: “All the social groups, who are interested with it, are able to participate in the discussions on self-governance reform bill.”
Agenda.ge, 05 Dec 2013 - 00:00, Tbilisi,Georgia

"The government will make a decision that will provide for Georgias development and democratization process, said the Head of the Regional Politics and Self-Governance Committee Irakli Tripolski in his statement.

"We approve that society has the controversial points of view on self-governance reform bill. This is very important issue and the aim should be achieved with consensus. Society should be involved in this process. We appeal to all the social groups, who are interested with it, to express their ideas and participate in the discussions of the parliaments regional politics and self-governance committee. said Irakli Tripolski.

At this time Tripolski and his deputy Gia Jorjoliani are holding meeting with their counterparts in Switzerland. According to Irakli Tripolski, their counterparts shared with them the experience of self-governance in the mountainous regions.