Car accidents reducing in Tbilisi

35 new radars across Georgia reduced the number of car accidents, 27 Nov 2013 - 00:00, Tbilisi,Georgia

Car accidents reduced by 80% and 85% for the number of victims, as a result of installing speed measuring devices in Tbilisi.

A total of six people died in car accidents from July-November 2013, while the same index for 2012 was 39, According to the Internal Affairs Ministry of Georgia.

Interior Ministry Patrol Police Department set up 17 radars in those parts of Tbilisi that statistically, were most dangerous for over-speeding and car accidents. 18 more radars were distributed to the Western part of Georgia, in the Adjara and Guria regions.

Near each radar, there also were speed control signs installed so that the drivers knew what the speed limit was in the given area.

Under the Georgian law, drivers are allowed to drive 15 km/h faster than the posted speed limit.