Georgia hosts international photo contest Photoman-2013

Photoman is an annual photo contest popular in Georgia, 14 Nov 2013 - 00:00, Tbilisi,Georgia

International contest Photoman-2013 will be held in the framework of the project SAY CHEESE! -Family photo album of Eastern Partnership. SAY CHEESE! is a part of the Eastern Partnership culture program and is financed by the European Union.

The photo contest is conducted on the basis of an internet reality-show. The official opening ceremony will be held in Tbilisi, at the European House on November 14.

The main organizer of the Photoman-2013 and the author of the idea for the contest Photoman is the Association of Photographer of Georgia (AFG). The competition under the auspices of AFG has already been conducted three times. It is still popular and successful in Georgia.

In 2013, the contest became international and is held in the Eastern Partnership Countries of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. It is targeted for the beginner and advanced amateur photographers. The competition aims to encourage the young generation and identify the participants of the pilot course of online photography school