President of EURIMAG visits Georgia

Jobst Plog was invited to Georgia by the Georgian National Film Center., 08 Nov 2013 - 00:00, Tbilisi,Georgia

The President of the European Cinema Support Fund EURIMAG, Jobst Plog arrived in Georgia for recognizing Georgian film and emphasizing collaboration, as he mentioned during the meeting with the Georgian Minister of Culture on November 8.

Guram Odisharia, the Georgian Minister of Culture said that the cinema of Georgia isnt alone and "EURIMAG is a good partner for Georgian film.

Georgia is the youngest, 39th member of The European Cinema Support Fund since 2011.

"Our company supports co-productions of European partners. We have already granted three Georgian projects. Our aim is close relationships, and I consider that the best way for this is working together. Jobst Plog said.

EURIMAG supported three Georgian movies. One of them is Georgian-Estonian project "Tangerines by Georgian film-director Zaza Urushadze, who was awarded as the best director for his movie at the Warsaw Film Festival EURIMAG granted this project 110,000 Euros.

The most high-budget movie (200,000 Euros) is Giorgi Ovashvilis "Corn Island, that is in production and will be presented in 2014. The European Cinema Support Fund also financed Georgian Movie "Brother by Teona and Thierry Grenade with 150,000 Euros.