Congratulations my European Georgians!

Selfie of Georgian Government on the signing ceremony of AA. Photo from Petriashvili's Facebook page.

State Minister Alex Petriashvili was among the Georgian high officials delegation in Brussels when Georgia signed the Association Agreement with the EU in the European Council on June 27, 2014. asked him to share his emotions at the end of Georgia’s long way to Europe and at the beginning of the new road to the EU. He agreed to write this #AA blog exclusively for our readers on this historic day despite his very busy schedule.

We have been nervous all morning but it's been exciting.

It is an important day in Georgia’s history. You proudly represent your country before everyone – fathers of the nation and our children. How can we not be nervous?

Prime Minister and members of the Georgian delegation looking through the signed AA document.Photo by PM's press office.

We are not in depth with the European Union either. I have been thinking about our hero Antsukhelidze all morning. Thanks to him, thanks for his selflessness, for giving us strength and an example to follow.

[From Giorgi Antsukhelidze (1984-2008) was a Georgian soldier who was killed during the Russia–Georgia war in August 2008. He can be seen in two internet videos being interrogated and tortured by South Ossetian and Russian militants. The video footage shows militants interrogating Antsukhelidze, forcing him to kneel and ordering him to kiss the earth. The captured soldier in a Georgian uniform is shown being repeatedly beaten and replying to each question: "I have no idea". One of the torturers is heard shouting in Ossetian: "Look, what a tough guy!".

Antsukhelidze was posthumously awarded the Order of National Hero by the Georgian Government in 2013.]

"Levan Mikeladze is always before my eyes. His courageous face while speaking at the OSCE [Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe], his kind smile at the meeting at the White House in Washington, and in Tbilisi, side by side with little or big European Georgians. Thanks to Levan.

Levan Mikeladze (on the right) and Alex Petriashvili (on the left) in Aghanistan. Photo from Petriashvili's private archive. 

[From Levan Mikeladze (1957-2009) was a Georgian diplomat and politician. At different times within his career, he was Georgia's Ambassador to Austria, to the US and to Switzerland. Soon after his resignation, Mikeladze announced his decision to withdrawal from the opposition, the Mikheil Saakashvili administration and join the Alliance for Georgia, party led by Irakli Alasania, Georgia’s current Defence Minister. On April 26, 2009 he suddenly died of a heart attack at age 52.]

Congratulations my European Georgians!  Let’s celebrate today. Let’s be proud today. Let’s not say anything bad about anyone today. Let’s not for

Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili provided a speech. He gallantly addressed the European Union and addressed his nation in his native get anyone to thank today.

Congratulations!language. Homeland, mother language, and Faith – this is how we have come to today and this is how we are entering the entrance of the most powerful union.

P.S. Georgian flags are flying in Luxembourg Square in Brussels!

June 27, 2014. Brussels