The Calvert Journal: "'Feeling is everything:' Anushka Chkheidze is an unwavering force in Georgia's electronic music"

  • Experimental producer Anushka Chkheidze was recently nominated for the European Independent Album of the Year Award. Photo via The Calvert Journal.

Review by Tornike Khomeriki

Art & Culture Editor, 2 Mar 2021, Tbilisi,Georgia

Young Georgian artist Anushka Chkheidze's second album is a spectrum of storytelling, collaborative work and emotional adventure, a review by The Calvert Journal's  Liza Premiyak says.

Exploring tracks that comprise the new release by the experimental creative recently nominated for the European Independent Album of the Year Award, Premiyak finds childhood memories and a need for care as elements that came together in its creation.

Move 20-21 is a study on where you can travel when there is nowhere to go. The journeys it takes are interior, psychological, and nostalgic, and though Chkheidze probes feelings of hopelessness, it’s still the kind of record that celebrates life"

- Liza Premiyak

Involving not only vocal elements - including from the artist herself - but also an extended diversity of sound, the album is a departure from her early ambient-genred forays, the article explains.

When it comes to production, it’s not about tempo — in her view, 'feeling is everything'. Certainly, with her latest release, the Georgian artist seems to be pushing herself into a place of introspection"

- Liza Premiyak

In turn, Chkheidze's new release has also spawned visual creations by other artists, as the producer and Creative Education Studio she is a graduate of asked them to respond with their own work to the album. The resulting works showcase "Georgia’s phenomenal creative energy", the review notes.

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