Site Selection: 'A country with a great history and even greater potential'

Tbilisi, founded in the fifth century, is very old and very new at once, home to 1.2 million people (nearly one-third of the country’s populace) creating a fresh, new future. Photo: Site Selection., Nov 12, 2020, Tbilisi, Georgia

Site Selection magazine, an internationally circulated business publication covering corporate real estate and economic development, has published an article written by Adam Bruns which says that more and more companies today know where to find Georgia on a map. 

Already well known for its tourism and its business process outsourcing prowess, Georgia also is seeing increased momentum in manufacturing, and the dawning of an entirely new industrial and logistics ecosystem", reads the article.

Then Bruns writes about several foreign companies which have entered Georgia and are developing in the country. 

One of the companies is Aero-Structure Technologies Cyclone, a joint venture between Israel’s Elbit Systems and the Georgian state-owned Partnership Fund, that produces composite components for the civilian aircraft industry at a 150-employee site not far from the international airport of Tbilisi. 

This business came to Georgia because of the country’s ‘business-friendly tax scheme and low-cost land and power, but most importantly, skilled labour'.

Durbek Fattakhov, CEO of AE Solar Group which entered Georgia in May 2019, says his company was 'pleasantly surprised by the level of technical skills in Georgia'. Fattakhov said that besides the labour force, what attracted AE Solar to Georgia was the favourable business environment.

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