The Calvert Journal: "Discover the beauty of Georgia's moveable wooden homes"

An Oda type wooden house found across the Georgian countryside. Photo: Tomer Ifrah/via The Calvert Journal., Jul 06, 2020, Tbilisi, Georgia

Photographs of traditional wooden houses found across the Georgian countryside by photographer Tomer Ifrah introduce their architecture and role in local hospitality through a new article from The Calvert Journal.

In words by Liza Premiyak, the unassuming Oda houses standing on "legs" and found dotting villages in the country found their place in lens by the photographer during his trip to capture the Caucasus Mountains.

He came across the wooden houses on his way to Svaneti, a highland province in the north bordering Russia, and became fascinated enough to dedicate his limited time to photographing their facades.

Ifrah photographed the Oda houses from a distance. In documenting their exteriors, he was able to capture their distinctive feature — their carved wooden verandas," Premiyak tells readers about the process.

The article also explains the design of these homes, from the pillars they stand on, to their basements often adapted for wine storage, and more.

All of the wooden details - including the spacious verandas where Georgians spend their summer nights — would have been carved by an individual woodworker, making each house unique in its decoration" - Liza Premiyak

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