The Calvert Journal: "Get behind the wheel and explore the breathtaking Georgian Military Highway"

The Calvert Journal piece introduces the historical road to explorers looking for sights in the South Caucasus. Photo: Gerd Eichmann., Jan 22, 2020, Tbilisi, Georgia

Rich offerings of the Caucasus Military Road for those looking for spectacular sights while crossing mountainous landscapes of the region is the subject of a new travel advice piece from The Calvert Journal.

Published as part of the website's The Escapist series for adventurers to the "New East", the guide's look at "yet another excuse to visit Georgia" tells prospective travellers about the road of historical importance, snaking its way through the hills and over the mountain passes from Georgia's northern border to the south.

The Georgian Military Highway, a serpentine journey across the country’s highest peaks, is the ultimate road trip for aspiring globetrotters and devoted Caucasusophiles" - The Calvert Journal

Entry to the major north-south road from the Russian side of the border is introduced along with an alternative route of kicking off the exploration of the road by climbing the hills of Kazbegi to the picturesque mountaintop spot of the Gergeti Trinity Church overlooking the surrounding natural view.

A climb to the peak of Mount Kazbegi, with its popular high-lying Betlemi Hut station, is a bonus option, explains the piece, while the village of Stepantsminda at the foot of the mountain offers its own options to explorers.

[P]aragliding instructors and horseback guides are easy to come by [in the village], making it the ideal place to spend a full day resting before moving on the next morning" - The Calvert Journal

Locations along the Military Road route are also briefly introduced with the trip advice, with particular attention paid to the Soviet-era Russia-Georgia Friendship Monument and its panoramic views over surroundings.

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