What Trump would find in Georgia – Washington Examiner publishes letter by Georgian vice speaker

 In the letter Chugoshvili says that Georgia deeply appreciates the bipartisan congressional support for Georgia and the Trump administration’s strong backing. Photo: usatoday.com.

Agenda.ge, Nov 08, 2019, Tbilisi, Georgia

The Washington Examiner has released a letter by Georgian vice Parliament Speaker Tamar Chugoshvili titled What Trump would find in Georgia.

In the letter Chugoshvili says that Tom Rogan [US-based political journalist] “is certainly correct” that President Trump should visit Georgia and that he would indeed be greeted warmly.

However, he would not find, as Rogan claims, that a ‘new sense of opportunity’ exists for Russia to undermine the remarkable progress Georgia has made in recent years,” she says.

Chugoshvili states that this assertion “is just plain wrong.”

It is based on Rogan’s discussion with an opposition politician whose then party was removed from office in 2012 in a seismic election, rebuking their government's abuse of power and erosion of freedom and democracy. The same opposition was also soundly rejected again in 2016.”

Chugoshvili: "Georgians understand that the only policy that will succeed is the pragmatic one, of moving closer to the west while seeking to regain our occupied territory from Russia peacefully." Photo: Chugoshvili's Facebook page.

Chugoshvili states that what Rogan misses, and what Trump would find in Georgia, is a strong, reform-minded, and growing Georgia.

He [Trump] would meet the resolute soldiers who have fought shoulder-to-shoulder with America in Iraq and Afghanistan. He would enjoy the excitement of Georgia’s burgeoning investment climate, its sky-high rankings on just about every global index measuring business friendliness, and democratic openness. And of course, he would embrace the beauty and hospitality of our country, which most major travel publications now list as one of the world’s most attractive destinations.”

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