MTV: ‘Tbilisi, possibly the coolest city in the world’

The MTV article provides its readers with recommendations on Tbilisi. Photo: Nino Alavidze/, Jul 01, 2019, Tbilisi, Georgia

MTV has published an article about the capital city of Georgia saying the city ‘has been charming worldwide travellers with its alternative arts scene, world-class clubs and unforgettable cuisine’.

Tbilisi is becoming one of the trendiest in Europe, the article written by Rosie Needham reads.

It’s a city of two halves; the Old Town is cluttered with antique stores selling Soviet-era war medals while younger, trendier areas are known for their lively bars filled with locals toasting firewater with strangers. The city feels familiar yet alien all at once, and it’s hard not be overcome by the welcoming Georgian lifestyle,” Rosie Needham says in the article.

It provides it readers with recommendations on Tbilisi eating places, night clubs, hotels, hostels, thermal spa, flea market and other places for entertainment.

Photo by the article author taken in Tbilisi.

The article also offers the readers to get out the city, calling on them to budget some time and ‘visit the snow-capped Caucasus mountains which mark the border between Georgia and Russia.’

It’s home to stunning hiking trails, historical churches and adventurous activities like paragliding or heli-sking (if you’re travelling in the winter),” Rosie Needham says.

The author also highly recommends booking Rooms Hotel in Kazbegi, adding the concierge at Rooms hotel organises a guided hike to visit waterfalls and ancient churches.

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