The Calvert Journal: “Listen to this delightfully profound compilation of female Georgian composers”

The featured producers seen on the cover for the release Photo: CES., Feb 21, 2019, Tbilisi, Georgia

A new musical recording of a group of young female producers working on experimental sound illustrates an interesting time to be making music in Georgia’s capital, an article from The Calvert Journal says.

The publication dedicated to culture of “the new east” lent its digital pages to an introduction of readers to Sleepers, Poets, Scientists, a release of nine composers graduating from the Creative Education Studio, a Tbilisi-based school of contemporary sound and design.

The artists on the inaugural record are all graduates of Natalie TBA Beridze’s three-month short course in Music Productions, which she runs alongside Nika Machaidze, AKA Nikakoi,” the journal’s Liza Premiyak notes in the piece.

As much a showcase of the music-making talent that entered the CES courses recently as of the selected experimental tracks themselves, the album was inspired by the influx of the young musicians at the school last spring.

The retro cover is a nod to the famous group shot from the 1927 Solvay conference, which brought together physicists like Albert Einstein, Erwin Schrödinger, Marie Curie, and others.

With this in mind, the name Sleepers, Poets, Scientists rings like a call to action for today’s brightest minds, to wake up and save our chaotic, troubled world,” the Calvert Journal story points out.

In her piece, Premiyak also goes to share her impressions of the individual producers featured on the release, as well as their creations for the album.

Anushka Chkheidze, one of the artists on the recording enjoying popularity on the local scene, is also quoted on experiences of the Georgian capital on her work.

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