Financial Times: Georgia is a beacon in a difficult region

The NATO summit in July recognised Georgia’s commitment to democracy and its increased cooperation with the alliance in the Black Sea and elsewhere. Photo: Reuters., Oct 02, 2018, Tbilisi, Georgia

International daily newspaper based in London, UK The Financial Times has published a letter by Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani, which underlines Georgia’s important role in the region.

The letter reads that in a difficult region, Georgia seeks to maintain relations with all its neighbours, including Russia, which still continues the occupation of one-fifth of the country’s territory.

In short, Georgia is fully committed to its European and US goals, remains a beacon of democracy in an unstable region and is as close as ever to the US, the EU and NATO. Any baseless assertions to the contrary could play into the hands of those who wish to see the region in disarray”, Zalkaliani says.

Zalkaliani says that Georgia is a country that has always been part of Europe and has always looked towards Europe.

Georgia has succeeded in becoming a strong democracy by promoting a vibrant civil society, ensuring media freedom, eliminating corruption and reforming the judicial system.

Elections are free and fair, and our business-friendly economy is market-driven with a wide range of global partners,” the letter reads.

Zalkaliani provides quotes by US VP Mike Pence and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker who praise Georgia’s democratic development.

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