Georgian Ambassador for the Daily Northwestern: US-Georgia relations matter more than ever

David Bakradze was appointed as Georgia’s ambassador to the US in 2016. Photo: Georgian Embassy to the US press office., May 15, 2018, Tbilisi, Georgia

In his op-ed story for the Daily Northwestern newspaper the Georgian Ambassador to the United States David Bakradze speaks about Georgia-US close ties, "which are closer now than ever."

The ambassador says that in 1990, while most Georgians’ experiences of the US were primarily limited to audio recordings and selected movies, he had the tremendous opportunity to study as a high school exchange student in Colorado. 

I came to see America as a land of opportunity, not only for those living in this beautiful country, but also as a model for the rest of the world.
Today, my view of America has not changed,” Bakradze says. 

The ambassador states that  "I am honoured” to be visiting Chicago this week, as an ambassador, to speak to Northwestern University and Chicago business communities about why the US-Georgia relationship matters more now than ever.

 One hundred years ago this month, Georgia declared its independence and began building its democratic institutions. The U.S. has remained a loyal friend to us during this process,” Bakradze said. 

He stated that since regaining independence in 1991, Georgia has transformed itself from a country ravaged by civil war into a modern, democratic and dynamic state.

Georgia is a small, strategically located country of nearly 4 million with enormous economic potential. We believe in a free, open and transparent business environment — according to the World Bank, we are one of the easiest countries in the world in which to do business.
In recent years, we have attracted billions of dollars in foreign investment,” he says.

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