The Calvert Journal: “Must look: Here's how Georgia’s top photographers see their country“

A photograph from Dina Oganova’s ‘My Place’ series. Photo: The Calvert Journal., May 01, 2018, Tbilisi, Georgia

A view of Georgia through the lens of eight photographers from the country is the focus of a recent feature on The Calvert Journal, a publication on the culture of eastern European countries.

Presented in collaboration with Tbilisi Photo Festival co-founder and director Nestan Nijaradze, the photographers are explored in the story through their life experiences and artistic focus.

The feature introduces readers to Beso Uznadze, David Meskhi, Dina Oganova, George Nebieridze, George Shengelia, Guram Tsibakhashvili, Natela Grigalashvili and Tinatin Kiguradze, all working on recent history or present aspects of life and experiences in Georgia.

Some of them residing abroad after leaving their country years ago, the selected creatives have featured themes like youth experience and documentary work on Georgia’s Soviet past.

As an example of the latter type of work, the story highlights Tsibakhashvili, "one of the central figures of the contemporary Georgian artistic scene” whose "contribution has been crucial to the development of the new wave of Georgian photography”.

On the other end of the thematic spectrum, Nebieridze’s photographs show his "closest friends among the fabric of the city and Georgia’s encroaching wilderness”.

From Kiguradze’s work on documenting profiles of African and Asian migrants in Georgia, to portrayals of Georgian countryside in Grigalashvili’s photos, the Calvert Journal story illustrates Georgia just as much as its photographers.

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