Euronews: “Georgia wants to become a hub along the New Silk Road”

Silk road Forum in Tbilisi. Photo by the PM's press office., Dec 05, 2017, Tbilisi, Georgia

Euronews has published an article about the New Silk Road following the Belt and Road Forum drawing hundreds of delegates from around the world this month in Tbilisi.

"Comprising both overland and maritime routes, the Chinese-backed initiative aims to revive and expand exchange between China and Europe along the ancient Silk Road,” wrote Euronews.

Georgia is described as a major hub on the New Silk Road in the article.

"With its strategic location along the new Silk Road and competitive market, Georgia is intent on carving out its share and restoring its position as a major regional hub between East and West,” read the article.

The article also describes some major infrastructural projects that are being implemented within the New Silk Road initiative.

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