BBC: “World's oldest wine found in 8,000-year-old jars in Georgia”

  • Some of the Neolithic jars bore decorations of grapes. Photo by AFP

Review by, 14 Nov 2017, Tbilisi,Georgia

The BBC has published an article regarding recently-released research, which says that 8,000-year-old pottery fragments revealed the earliest evidence of grape wine-making in Georgia.

The article says that the earthenware jars containing residual wine compounds were found in two sites south of the Georgian capital, Tbilisi. Some of the jars bore images of grape clusters and a man dancing.

The BBC says that previously, the earliest evidence of wine-making was from pottery dating from about 7,000 years ago found in north-western Iran, but the latest finds show that Georgia made wine earlier than that.

The article also stressed that large jars called qvevri, similar to the ancient ones, are still used for wine-making in Georgia.