The Telegraph: “Casinos, craft beer and holy caves – is this Europe's most surprising country?”

Vardzia, in southern Georgia, a complex of some 3,000 rooms and corridors. Photo from, Sep 11, 2017, Tbilisi, Georgia

The Telegraph, a major British media outlet, has published an article about Georgia, and suggests a list of reasons why travelers are encouraged to visit it.

The article says that Georgia’s splendid food, breathtaking nature and rich culture have long made it a sought-after destination for adventurous travelers, but the country has far more to offer than khachapuri and red wine.

"Thriving amidst its Orthodox Christian cathedrals and farmsteads is a culture of gourmet coffee, clubbing and casinos. Where else could you dance the night away in a Soviet-era sewing factory, then recover on a tropical beach or in a cool mountain cave town?” reads the article.

Then the author names seven surprising reasons why people should go to Georgia. Among others, it includes its beautiful seaside, a great cycling experience and plenty to do after dark.