Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: “One Last Time Over Georgia“

A stone watchtower in the Caucasus Mountains overlooks the Datvisjvari Pass near the village of Shatili. Photo: Amos Chapple/RFERL., Aug 28, 2017, Tbilisi, Georgia

If you are wondering how Georgia looks from a bird's eye view, moments captured by photographer Amos Chapple offer one of the last chances to see views of the country's cities, towns and landscapes before limitations on drone navigation come into force starting this week.

Georgia is one of the last countries where limits on where drones can be flown and what can be captured on lens with them were still very relaxed.

With days remaining until that state of affairs comes to a close due to new regulations, pioneering drone photographer Chapple has shared his snapshots via a feature on Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty website.

 [Chapple] headed to Georgia with a high-end quadcopter to make one last aerial record of Georgia's mountains, lowlands, and cities", says the story's introduction.

The photographs include a focus on highland scenes, from swathes of north-eastern province of Tusheti to hills and peaks of Kazbegi and picturesque medieval watchtowers of the Khevsureti mountains.

The wine-rich eastern region of Kakheti, ancient cave city destination of Vardzia and some of the largest cities of the country also make their appearance in the collection.

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