The Guardian:
“Gorgeous Georgia: walking in Svaneti's mountains”

Svan tower in Mestia. Photograph: Alamy, Jul 24, 2017, Tbilisi, Georgia

New flights from the United Kingdom (UK) have opened up Georgia’s third largest city Kutaisi and travel writer Jeremy Head took to discover Georgia and the country’s iconic Svaneti region.

In June, Wizz Air added Georgia routes to its timetable from Luton – flying not to the capital Tbilisi, but to Kutaisi, in the west, a place I’d never heard of. A gateway for exploring the Svaneti region, home to the mighty Caucasus mountains, it offers a genuinely off-the-beaten-track adventure for Brits (compounded by a 3am arrival time),” wrote Head in his blog for one of Britain's leading newspapers The Guardian.

Then in the article Head tells the story of his journey in Svaneti starting from the village Becho, then to the central city of the region Mestia and Mulakhi.

It had been a long, sometimes soggy journey. But absolutely worth it,” wrote Head.

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