Elle.com: Tbilisi fashion takes flight

Models posign at the Chronicle of Georgia for photographer Tyler Joe.
Agenda.ge, Jun 20, 2017, Tbilisi, Georgia

Worldwide lifestyle and fashion magazine Elle publishes two articles about Georgia and its fashion industry.

In order to better tell Georgia’s fashion story, a team from fashion magazine Elle who visited Georgia during Tbilisi Fashion Week this summer decided to show the country’s landscape with the help of a DJI Inspire 1 drone.

Georgia’s landscape is its calling card, its framework, and an endless source of inspiration―we couldn't tell the country's fashion story without it. From 16th century fortresses perched above the capital of Tbilisi to the verdant mountains that surround the city in every direction, the scenery feels at once ancient and new. We captured the gorgeous fashion designs of promising Georgian up-and-comers set against the country's breathtaking backdrop,” said Elle.com.

In a second story, Elle photographed Georgian models dressed in Georgian designers at some of Georgia's most famous landmarks. The article proposes to give a 360-degree look at the fashion and foundation of Tbilisi.

After decades under Soviet Russia and centuries of foreign domination, Georgia and its people are looking to find their own independent identity aside from the narrative of occupation. And at the center of this nationwide soul-searching, Georgians have found one unexpected tool: fashion,” said Elle.com.

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