The Culture Trip: “The 10 Oldest Languages Still Spoken In The World Today”

Georgia has launched a new website where foreigners can apply for an e-visa. Photo by N.Alavidze/, Sep 26, 2016, Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgian has been named among the 10 oldest languages still spoken in the world today by an international travel website.

The Culture Trip – one of the world’s biggest culture website featuring restaurant guides, travel tips and highlights for every country – published an article on the planet’s ancient languages.

"The Caucasus region is a real hotbed for linguists. The main languages of the three south Caucasian countries - Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia - come from three entirely different language families; respectively Indo-European, Turkic, and Kartvelian,” the website wrote.
"Georgian is the biggest Kartvelian language and it is the only Caucasian language with an ancient literary tradition.”

The website said Georgians’ "beautiful and unique alphabet” was also quite old – it was thought to have been adapted as far back as the third century AD.

"While not a language island in the same sense as Basque, there are only four Kartvelian languages, all spoken by minorities within Georgia and they are all unrelated to any other languages in the world,” said The Culture Trip.

Other ancient languages mentioned in the article were Hebrew, Tamil, Lithuanian Icelandic, Macedonian, Basque, Finnish and Irish Gaelic.

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