CNN: "9 reasons to visit Georgia now"

A view on the Davit Gareja complex in southeast Georgia. Photo from CNN., May 19, 2016, Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia’s growing reputation as a tourist destination is the subject of a piece published by American news service CNN on the travel section of its website, which states nine reasons nine reasons why Georgia’s is "quickly becoming one of Europe's hottest new destinations".

CNN reporter Jennifer Walker offers readers her impressions of Georgia and says it’s worth visiting the country that’s "shrouded in mystery".

Describing sights of cultural interest to culinary delights, Walker’s travel article encompassed capital Tbilisi's diverse cultural environment as well as remote villages and wine-making traditions found in only Georgia.

From the hanging balconies in the crumbling Old Tbilisi district and the Persian-style sulphur baths clad in turquoise mosaics, to unique art nouveau buildings falling into disrepair sitting side by side with futuristic glass structures, Tbilisi is a city that inspires," writes Walker.

The cave cities found in remote Georgian locations were also described in her piece.

Georgia is home to some of the most unusual cave cities in Europe. By themselves, they're reason alone to visit the country," she says.

Walker goes on to mention the spectacular and picturesque sights found in Georgia's north.

The ruined fortress of Mutso and the settlement of Shatili in Khevsureti look like something described by J.R.R. Tolkien … Tusheti has numerous hiking trails and the locals are known for their generous mountain hospitality.”

Other points her article described were the ancient churches found "in incredible locations" and the legendary Georgian supra feast tradition.

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