Euronews: “Life’s a beach in Batumi, Georgia’s top Black Sea resort”

Euronews travel journalist Denis Loctier discovers Batumi, Georgia for his Georgian Life series. Photo/screenshot from Euronews., Jun 30, 2015, Tbilisi, Georgia

A jewel in the Black Sea is Batumi – Georgia’s resort town that offers warm sea, great weather, delicious food and a bustling nightlife, says travel journalist Denis Loctier.

The piece begins showing Loctier paragliding behind a speedboat off the Batumi coastline as he introduces Batumi as his latest destination for his Georgian Life series for Euronews. He calls Batumi, the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, as "the place young people come looking for warm sea, cool clubs and a never-ending holiday atmosphere”.

A stroll along the seafront boulevard reveals a fast-changing city with luxurious new hotels and restaurants, modern sculptures, and fountains everywhere,” says Loctier.

In the article and corresponding video, Loctier discovers why the region is popular among the Georgian population and tourists; from its bustling promenade with scores of restaurants and vivacious nightlife to its unique botanical gardens.

"Adjara’s nature is unlike anywhere in Georgia. The sun-kissed seaside flanked by snow-capped peaks is a paradise for thousands of flora and fauna species.”

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