The Bendigo Advertiser: "Georgia travel guide: The land of milk and honey"

"Ananuri architectural complex on the banks of the Argavi River, Georgia. Photo: Michael Gebicki.", Jan 27, 2015, Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia's ancient  history and traditional tasteful dishes are attracting much attention from all over the globe.

Travel writer Michael Gebicki visited to Georgia and experienced hospitable traditions of the Georgian table.

Gebicki described all his impressions Georgia made to him and wrote an article for the website of famous Australian newspaper Bendigo Advertiser.

Extending from the eastern shores of the Black Sea, at about the same latitude as northern Spain, Georgia is a land of milk and honey, once the balmy southern rump of the Soviet empire, the source of walnuts, cheeses, stone fruit and, before the fragmentation of that empire, most of its wine,” he wrote.

At the end of his article Gebicki gave to readers tips of’ five things you must do while traveling to Georgia.

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