New Chapter in EU-Georgia Relations

"Georgians hold EU and Georgian flags in down-town of Tbilisi during the celebrations of a political and trade agreement with the European Union in Tbilisi, Georgia, 27 June, 2014.", Jan 21, 2015, Tbilisi, Georgia

During 2014 Georgia reached a milestone in the path for its European trajectory; 2015 will be a year of further anchorage, wrote Minister of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Georgia David Bakradze for the New Europe.

The Minister underlined Georgia’s achievements in terms of implementing the Association Agreement (AA) regulations and announced that Government is committed to gradual economic integration with the EU.

Our aim is to develop democracy, achieve prosperity and return to the family of European nations to which we feel we belong. In fact, I think, Georgia sets the standard in the region when it comes to political pluralism, freedom of media and speech, human rights, and a business-friendly climate.

During 2015, Georgian Government expects a major leap in people’s mobility, which for public opinion is one of the most important milestones on the road to Europe. The prospect of free people-to-people contact, trade, cultural exchange and academic cooperation is the most tangible benefit of European integration for citizens of Georgia, believes Bakradze.

In his paper the Minister also mentioned the Visa Liberalization Action Plan and expressed hope regarding to the Eastern Partnership Riga Summit. He said that Georgia expects concrete results according to the EU`s merit based approach.

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