Winnipeg Free Press: "The other Georgia"

"There are at least 525 varieties of grapes grown in Georgia.", Jan 20, 2015, Tbilisi, Georgia

Why you should go to the republic of Georgia? David Connors, the Winnipeg Free Press travel journalist found persuasive arguments to prove his opinion.

Connors emphasized that Georgia Tourism Agency sponsored a press tour for American journalists to come and see Georgia, as he called ‘a brand-new country’. About a dozen travel writers from Winnipeg, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Vancouver and several places in between were invited to the country to make some hard-nosed, sophisticated observations.

So, why Georgia? A most compelling reason is the fact probably no one you know has been there. There aren't hordes of tourists already in line ahead of you to see the attractions. The locals have not become jaded; they seem genuinely glad to welcome you to their bit of unspoiled turf. Georgia, despite being the birthplace of wine and, allegedly, dumplings, is an undiscovered country. You may not be the first person to see the 11th-century towers of the Svaneti, but you will feel like you are.

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