Travel Hunter: “Keep calm Tbilisi – everybody loves you”

"Keep calm Tbilisi – everybody loves you". Photo by Mario Brighenti ., Mar 06, 2015, Tbilisi, Georgia

If you have spent some time in Georgia’s capital city Tbilisi you will notice the breathtaking panorama views of the old city and the more modern European city – two very different landscapes that are somehow work together to create a beautiful city.

Social traveller, photographer and blogger Mario Brighenti penned a handful of reasons why Tbilisi is one of his favourite places in his blog "Keep calm Tbilisi – everybody loves you”.

For me Tbilisi was magical. One of the 6 reasons why I fell in love with Georgia is the diversity. It’s quite hard to describe this, but it makes me ask myself why the hell I didn’t come earlier.”
So I set foot in Tbilisi. Me, and a backpack. First impression: It felt like a place frozen in time. Beautiful. Unique. Culturally limitless. Lots of contrasts. Bohemian. Mix between adventure, sightseeing, and art. Yes!”

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