From wardrobe to runway – Tbilisi Fashion Week shows its best

During the four days the most fashionable runway shows in Georgia featured a mix of well-known Georgian designers and newcomers. Photo by N. Alavidze/, Oct 14, 2015, Tbilisi, Georgia

Twenty of the country’s most influential designers have produced new trends for the upcoming fashion season and introduced their Spring/Summer 2016 creations at Tbilisi Fashion Week (TFW).

For four days TFW featured a mix of well-known Georgian designers and newcomers. The October 8-11 program included a selection of runway shows, showrooms, exhibitions, illustrations and a designers competition.

Russian designer Narny ended his show with the showing of this beautiful evening dress. Photo by N. Alavidze/

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The main venue for this years’ TFW was the Metro entertainment centre in Rose Revolution Square. Here, designers’ show rooms, a lounge and catwalk were arranged for guests to visit and view.

Hundreds of fashionistas attended TFW – the most fashionable event in the capital’s annual calendar and purchased a lot of what Georgian designers showcased on the runway to fill their wardrobes.

Tbilisi’s runway shows proved some trends will leave the runway and soon begin appearing on the streets by fashion-forward locals in the coming months.

This season’s media partners included Vogue (Italia, Russia, Australia), Elle Australia, L’Officiel magazine, Harper’s Bazaar magazine (Turkey) and more.

George Shaghashvili’s opening

TFW opened with the exhibition New Nordic Fashion Illustration where Scandinavian illustrators showcased their fashion illustrations.

Also on October 8, TFW reception and show room opened where fashion-lovers could find handmade, natural leather items such as bags, wallets, shoes and more.

At the end of the day guests attended the longest show in the history of TFW – this is how fashion bloggers described George Shaghashvili’s show.

George Shaghashvili presented his all-black collection. Photo from Tbilisi Fashion Week/Facebook. 

Models strutted down the catwalk wearing black clothes created by the local designer. His Spring/Summer 2016 collection was inspired by Indian motives, which he had gathered while travelling through India.

After presenting his all-black collection, at the end of the show the audience was in for a big surprise. Large streams of colourful material fell from the ceiling to the floor. Behind the vibrant pieces of different coloured materials appeared Georgian model Tako Chkeidze, who wore a Shagashvili-designed magnificent black dress with variegated details. After walking down the runway she removed the coloured pelerine piece by piece and showed off an impressively large black dress.

Behind the vibrant pieces of different coloured materials appeared a model wearing a Shagashvili-designed magnificent black dress with variegated details. Photo from Tbilisi Fashion Week/Facebook.

The story of proper wallet

Leather accessories and jewellery designer Kräuter&Gotsi showed their latest collection at TFW. The collection gained much interest by Georgian customers and will soon be available for international customers.

Kräuter&Gotsi presented leather wallets and bags with Georgian ornaments. Photo by N. Alavidze/

Sasha Gotsiridze and his German partner Kräuter started sewing leather wallets and bags a year ago. Later Sasha's friend Luka Gotsiridze also joined them.

In this season’s Tbilisi Fashion Week we showcased leather wallets, bags and accessories. At the same time we added some jewellery to the collection. It seems Fashion Week guests loved our handmade items as people bought it every minute,” said Sasha Gotsiridze.

The designers added they would open their first store "very soon”.

Sasha Gotsiridze makes a silver ring in his workshop. Photo by N. Alavidze/

The idea of creating leather handmade items came after the two friends found difficulty in choosing a proper wallet. "Then we decided to sew a natural leather wallet which would have a distinguished design. We wanted to produce a quality wallet that people could keep and use longer. People around us loved our handmade wallet and we guessed it was time to offer wallets and other things to more and more people,” Sasha Gotsiridze added.

One wallet took about four hours to sew, and one man can make about five wallets a day. The cost of Kräuter&Gotsi items begin from 40 GEL.

At next year’s TFW the designer will present clothes and shoes as well.

Accessories: Handmade in Georgia

In the TFW showroom, dazzling handmade collection of green, blue, red and light-blue accessories, necklaces and brooches were a favourite spot for fashionistas.

Painter and designer Nutsa Lomadze was used nature as inspiration for her latest collection. Photo by N. Alavidze/

I use only natural materials to create accessories. These necklaces and brooches are made by wood and natural stones. This year I offer beetle, frog and fly-shaped brooches which are very popular among Georgian customers. Prices start from 50 GEL and reach 150 GEL, which is very cheap for handmade accessories. But for me the main thing is to see how women are wearing my accessories,” Painter and designer Nutsa Lomadze said.

Nutsa helps a customer try on one of her necklaces. Photo by N. Alavidze/ 

One of the stands in the TFW showroom was decorated with 20th Century British-style bags, which Georgian designer Giga Tavdgiridze has made for only five months.

In May he created his first bag for his wife and later for his daughter. After that people began asking Tavdgiridze to make bags from them. The designer realised his bags were in demad and decided to use his talent and make a business with it.

Georgian designer Giga Tavdgiridze presents 20th Century British-style handmade bags. Photo by N. Alavidze/ 

Every bag in my collection is unique and exclusive. It is really hard work to sew a bag. It takes four days to sew one bag,” said Tavdgiridze.
I brought 21 bags to TFW and sold almost all of them. I see people like my bags and this has encouraged me to continue my business. I never thought one day I would create bags and even more – I never thought they would be attractive for people. I enjoy seeing young women so happy to wear GT branded bags,” he added.

The day of discoveries

Six young Georgian newcomers took to the stage on the second day of TFW. The international jury chose their favourite – Nini Donadze, as the winner of the beginner designers’ competition. Donadze will automatically participate in next season’s TFW.

Swimming costumes from next year's Spring/Summer by local designer Mariam Gvasalia. Photo from Tbilisi Fashion Week/Facebook

After discovering the new talent, TFW guests saw the debut show of local brand Atelier 27. The collection was distinguished by its geometrical figures.

Another Georgian designer Mariam Gvasalia showed fashionable swimming costumes for next year’s Spring/Summer.

One of the most remarkable collections of this year’s TFW was a tandem effort by Georgian and Russian designers SoYOU Brand. The collection was inspired by Georgian cuisine. The designers mixed modern trends with traditional elements and the collection became "innovative” and "very creative”.

SoYOU Brand printed Georgian dishes - Khinkali and Adjaruli Khachapuri - on their spring/summer dresses. Photo from Tbilisi Fashion Week/Facebook

Day two closed with a showing of the collection by local designer Alexsander Akhalkatsishvili, under the brand name Materiel.

Unforgettable style

Georgian designer Chubika left viewers enjoying an unforgettable performance with her latest Spring/Summer collection. Models sashayed down the catwalk wearing masks and showing fabulous hats and clothes in a theatrical way. The show was dedicated to the designer’s daughter Alice, who celebrated her birthday on the same day.

Chubika's performance at Tbilisi Fashion Week. Photo by N. Alavidze/

The third day of TFW was full of master classes and fashion shows.

Georgian-American University (GAU) hosted three master classes on different topics. The master classes focused on Street Style: Beneath the Surface, How to be an influencer in the fashion field and Why fashion businesses love online.

Day three continued with a wonderful installation by Georgian photographer Irma Sharikadze. The performance took place in Gardenia Shevardnadze near Tbilisi Sea and was inspired by Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter who was best known for her self-portraits.

Georgian photographer and designer Irma Sharikadze participated in her own performance. Photo by N. Alavidze/

Sharikadze took inspiration from the life and art of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Photo by N. Alavidze/

Later in the day TFW presented the latest collections of Georgian designers Mach & Mach, Bulli (debut), Lako Bukia and Russian designer Narny.

The last day of TFW showed fashion shows by Georgian designers Giorgi Keburia, Lika For Lika, Dalood.

At the closing event, experienced and famous local designers Teona Tavartkiladze, Ika Bobokhidze and Djaba Diasamidze presented Studio 10A – a new brand.

Bulli Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Photo by N. Alavidze/ 

Lako Buki Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Photo by N. Alavidze/ 

Mach&Mach Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Photo by N. Alavidze/