www.chasestoudenmire.us: “Interview with Kenneth Yalowitz U.S. Ambassador to Georgia 1998-2001.”

Kenneth Yalowitz, a retired US diplomat who specialized in the post-soviet space.
Agenda.ge, Apr 25, 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia

The past twenty years of Georgia’s history highlighting the country’s development since the collapse of the Soviet Union and subsequent morph into an independent state has been explored by a blogger who interviewed retired US diplomat in Georgia Kenneth Yalowitz for an online article.

Yalowitz, who specialized in the post-Soviet space, believed: "Georgia had a western vector in its foreign policy”, when speaking about Georgia’s recent political direction.

The interview article was published on the blog of Chase Stoudenmire – a graduate student and researcher currently working and studying in Georgia.

When Yalowitz arrived in Georgia in 1998, Georgia was "looked upon as sort of the poster child of reform in the former Soviet Union.” Assessing the situation in 2014, Yalowitz claims Georgia "has moved closer in good directions than almost any country of the former Soviet Union.” In his estimation, educational exchange played a prominent role in achieving model outcomes.

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