Die Welt: "We remain in dialogue with Russia"

"Georgia's Foreign Minister sees her country as part of the EU and NATO."
Agenda.ge, Apr 16, 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia’s Foreign Minister Maia Panjikidze visited Germany last week and again emphasized that Georgia aspires to belong to the European Union.

In an interview with German journalist Julia Smirnova, the Georgian Minister marked that dialogue would help settle the relationship with Russia, and at the same time, close ties with Europe. The interview was published on the Die Welt website on April 15.

The countries involved in the Eastern Partnership Program had different plans and ambitions. For Georgia [it is] always clear that we want the Association Agreement because we see it as a step towards the EU. For us, the game does not end with the Association Agreement but it only begins with this signature. Therefore, I see it for Georgia not as a failure. For us, this is a great success and for the EU as well, I think.

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