The Telegraph: “Katie Melua’s Tbilisi: My Kind of Town”

Katie Melua: "I love to go to one of the old bathhouses. I always come out feeling marvellously rejuvenated", Apr 11, 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgian singer Katie Melua exposes her favourite hotels, bars and restaurants in Tbilisi - the Georgian capital and her childhood home.

Melua recommended travellers to visit Georgia and get pleasure from Georgians’ royal hospitality. Melua’s article was published in the Telegraph’s Travel section on April 11.

The Georgians will treat you like royalty and the odds are you’ll do a lot of eating, drinking and toasting. Being so hilly, good walking shoes are a must. It’s hot and muggy in the summer but very cold in the winter, so pack accordingly. Late spring is a good time to go.

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