The World Politics Review: “Crimea Highlights Risks, Uncertainties of Georgia’s Turn to West”

"Georgians’ affection for the West and their desire to join its key institutions is real but not inexhaustible.", Apr 02, 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia

Since Russia’s military invaded Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula, the threat coming from Moscow now faces neighbouring country Georgia. How Crimea’s turmoil is influencing Georgia and the possibility of Georgia becoming the next violated country by Russia was highlighted in Michael Cecire’s article published on the World Politics Review website on April 1.

Yet today, Russian revenge is not a hypothesis about a distant, insecure country, but an active threat to be reckoned with. Contrary to some assertions, Ukraine does not signal the front-end of a Russian blitz. Instead, as the Georgia experience demonstrates, it is only the latest chapter in the as yet unfinished narrative of Moscow’s hoped-for return to great power status.

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