The Washington Post: “What a Trip: Georgian wine and the spirit of love on a vacation to the Caucasus”

Author of the blog Vivian Vasallo, center, and friend Jennifer Kerslake at an Armenian cafe with the groom, Adnan Sulejmanpasic., Dec 12, 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia

The Washington Post readers who travelled all around the globe to countries near and far have shared their tales of their international adventures.

Washington’s Vivian Vasallo put pen to paper about her holiday to Georgia with her friend Jennifer Kerslake of New York, after being invited to Armenia to attend a wedding.

With Georgian being one of Armenia’s immediate neighbours, the American women decided to travel across the border and spend a week exploring the country – the birthplace of wine – before heading back to the wedding ceremony.

We were also taken by the breathtaking landscapes. Driving to the David Gareji Monastery complex in Georgia felt like being on the moon. It is a hewn-rock complex on desert slopes. An unpaved road leads you there with nothing, absolutely nothing, for several kilometers around, writes Vasallo.

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