NewsFixed InSight: “From family tradition to export industry: Georgian wine hits the tables of Europe”

A piece by Canadian journalist Kira Walker explores the integral part winemaking has on everyday life in Georgia., Oct 13, 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia’s wine industry is on a promising upwards trend that is about to become more profitable for the country’s amateur and professional winemakers thanks to a free trade agreement that exempts Georgian wine from EU import tariffs.

A piece by Canadian journalist Kira Walker, accompanied by dazzling images, explores the integral part winemaking has on everyday life in Georgia, the country’s growing wine tourism industry as well as some of the secrets behind why Georgian wine is so unique.

"The oldest traces of viticulture in the world are found in Georgia. Grapes have been cultivated here for over 8,000 years, since Neolithic times, allowing the country to credibly claim that it is the birthplace of wine. Georgia also proudly boasts over 400 grape varieties, more than any other country in the world,” writes Walker in her piece for NewsFixed online.

The authenticity of Georgian wine is recognised all around the world and celebrated. More tourists are visiting the ancient Caucasus nation, which in turn supported the local economy.

"Both viticulture and wine tourism hold great potential to help pull the country out of poverty and inject much-needed growth into the economy.”

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