Reuters: “Trip Tips: Georgia's Caucasian charm lures hikers and hipsters”

An historical part of Tbilisi is seen before Earth's hour, March 31, 2012. Photo from Reuters/DAVID MDZINARISHVILI, Sep 09, 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia

Unique culture, cheap food and wine and plenty of adventures are awaiting travellers in Georgia.

Journalist Michelle Moghtader highlighted all things that make the south Caucasus country different and unique from all others in an opinion piece for Reuters.

Moghtader’s piece, published on the Reuters website, emphatically described the local nation. He wrote that Georgia, nestled between Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan, had emerged from years of conflict and had become the "go-to travel destination in the Caucasus”.

Georgian cuisine is not for the weight watcher, so diners are well-advised to make use of ample walking and hiking opportunities. Must-eats are the doughy "acharuli khachapuri," topped with cheese, butter and egg, and "khinkhali," dumplings filled with meat, mushrooms or potatoes.

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